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United Federation of Volunteer for Refugees Action is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving  immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Simply put advocate for refugees durable solution, reunite children and parents, work with homeless and relight global human rights dream. In Australia we offers a range of services to the Central Queensland Community while also advocating for improved changes in relation to social integration, cross cultural communication and community cohesion policies and procedures within the three levels of Government. Some of these services include information sessions, consultancy, referrals, advice and support, networking, community awareness, events planning and promotion, advocacy, training and  Job assistance.

For more than 21 years, UFVRA has been a champion for migrants and refugees from around the globe. Our legacy of compassionate service has made a difference in the lives of more than 400,000 people who have sought safety and hope in Australian’s communities or other countries. Our history reflects our own deep immigrant roots and passionate commitment to welcoming newcomers, especially those who are most affected by war and in need.

UFVRA is one of Australia’s smallest food rescue volunteer organizations. We work with food growers, manufacturers and retailers to rescue surplus and unsold edible food that would otherwise be wasted in landfill, and distribute it to local communities, residential area, street, and disadvantage family Australia. These charities run food programs to support people in need in their communities. The food we rescue is redistributed to the vulnerable Australians and is also turned into nutritious meals by the organisations we work with. Their community food programs help Australians including:

  • Refugees and Asylum seekers

  • Families in crisis

  • Elderly and low income people

  • Refugees and asylum seekers

  • Homeless people

  • Indigenous Australians

  • Students.




UFVRA - Australia is a voluntary organisation founded by Emmanuel & Peter  in 1991 and registered. Since the beginning we strictly focused on welcoming asylum and Immigrant, providing education to orphans and semi orphans & supporting Old aged helpless, Homeless friends, Diseased (particularly AIDS-infected), physically/mentally/visually challenged, drug and alcohol-addicted people and to make them better by putting them a better atmosphere where they can survive with a smile till their last breath with personal, financial and social care. Our target is to provide permanent food and shelter for homeless, poor and needy people of all ages and transform them into a level of self-sustainment without any discrimination.

We stand on the principle of  the power of loving people to express, advocacy, the care for the sick, homeless, poor and needy, and empowering youths, men and women to make their living in a meaningful ways.


To create a well-integrated intercultural diverse community, where people are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential and make meaningful contributions to their community in a best way.



United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action  was formed in 1992 , focused on welcoming Refugees & Immigrant entering the country, and to address recognized community needs with the aim of enhancing community cohesion while developing a framework for community development through the recognition of the value of diversity.

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