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Our diverse experience

Image by Aleks Dorohovich

Our Experience

After 10+ years in the welcome multicultural region, we decided to alter direction in providing more opportunities and options. Now, we are extending in sharing our passion of helping others with. Our upgrade up process is designed to up-skill and boost confidence of your team, work or business.

Why us

Experience is key to success —that is why when it comes to diversity, multiculturalism, equality and inclusion, we’re the who of dissimilar communities. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve. We will guarantee you opportunities for:

Diversity real deal including coming from culturally diverse backgrounds including, Africa, professional background experience, multilingual and inspiration in the community.

Problem Solvers

Cultural Expertise and creatives

Strong community contentedness

Partnership Services

Cultural Awareness Training

Deepen your cross-cultural skills and thrive in Diversity environment with flying colors by UFVRA cultural training based on your interest. The session will equip you with an insight on how to respond to specific or complex needs.

Cultural Coaching

UFVRA mentoring program provides personal support to our clients on a one to one or group basis for organizations, leaders, business owners or practitioners. Prices may vary from one-off sessions to consecutive activities.

Multicultural Service

We provide multicultural community contentedness, leadership and development through our networking platforms online and face-to-face activities. This includes networking activities for learning and celebrations such as themed events and focus groups as well as projects, human and cultural resourcing and handling complex cases and situations.

Formed by multicultural advocates from diverse cultural, ethnic, language, and religious backgrounds, we would like to share tools and techniques we use in supporting emerging communities to transition in settling in Australia as well as empowering multicultural service providers in planning, implementing, and evaluating strategic plans, engagement strategies, programs, and policies. We are constantly negotiating,

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