Our timeline

1999 -UFVRA

Heading 1

2015 UFVRA


May -Origination Registration Approval

Sep- welcome refugees

Nov- working with unaccompanied minors

Dac - Legally became international organization

April - Moorooka Homeless Link

June - Foodbank and community free food distribution

July - Youths anti social behavior project

Dec - Prevention against Domestic Violence

May - NDIS Registration

Feb - 4th start Support physical disability

June - supporting 20 participant + 23 staffs

Aug - Full time Support Coordination


UFVRA - Australia is volunteer run charity, national partner in Australia, raising awareness and funds to support our  international emergency response to humanitarian crises. It achieves this through the generosity of millions Australian individual donors, trusts, foundations and other organisations who donate to and partner with UFVRA to help support its mission statement:

Our mission

Inspire greater giving, reaches out in advocacy for justice. We bring together people willing to work in service to help end suffering. As partners, we work openly and accountable, supporting programs which welcome, respect and bring hope through care to those fleeing from, or hurt by, disaster, poverty and oppression. We add our voice to those of the unheard and the excluded, together crying out for justice so that we can all live in just and sustainable communities.

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Our vision

Unleash the full potential of the philanthropic sector to transform lives.A world where all people live in just societies, where we are all empowered to achieve our full potential, uphold our rights and the rights of others for a life with peace and dignity; and where we are all inspired to remember, welcome and support those who suffer from poverty and injustice


Our values

Our core values guide our behaviors and underpin our Code of Conduct. These are the values we live by every day

Collaborative, Innovative, Transformative, and Inclusive.

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  • UFVRA - Australia is an organization belonging to the people. It was built on the support of generous donors and hard working volunteers .


Our guiding principles

Our operating principles define how we do business. They drive our thinking, actions, processes and benchmarks. They keep us focused and remind us that we are committed to progress, but not at all costs. Each of the following principles is important to the work of UFVRA - Australia. Collectively they shape and determine the work of the organization.


We serve all people who are poor or marginalized, expecting nothing in return


We work to ensure that people have the opportunity to be included in the planning, implementation and assessment of the work which is designed to support them. Particular effort is taken to ensure that those who are marginalized by age, gender, disability, ethnicity, social class, religion, political opinion or other characteristics are included.


Our intention is to enable people to determine and control their own development, guided by a focus on long-term sustainability.


We uphold human value and dignity,


We are accountable to those we seek to assist, working with them to ensure the best use of available resources. We will be transparent with those who support our work, enabling them to experience the joy of sharing in such a partnership.


Consistent with our mission statement, we express our solidarity with people who suffer from poverty and marginalization through advocacy for justice – aspiring to speak out with courage and enabling others to speak out and be heard.


We work collegial for the good of the organization and each other. We recognize the dedication and talent of those who work with us and promote their well-being. We welcome the commitment, interest and generosity of supporters.


We seek alliances with others who share a commitment to alleviating poverty and promoting justice. Our partnerships are marked by mutual respect, interdependence, and learning from and with each other so all are transformed.


We recognize what we are able and unable to do as an organisation and are honest about what support and resources we can provide and why.



We do not have absolute knowledge and seek to learn and improve so that our work for others will be the best that we can offer. In doing this, we also recognize what our limitations are as an organization.

Our works on charitable ventures to inspire greater giving. We serve as a trusted non-profit organisation, intermediary and implementing partner across the private, non-profit and public sectors. Through these partnerships, we have raised nearly $100,000 for causes such as disaster relief and global response. UFVRA impact’s reach and services are complemented by the work of our subsidiary organisation, UFVRA - Australia.

Our action

we take inspiration from the world around us. That’s why all our values are drawn from our community and the people we represent.

  • We believe in delivering meaningful, relevant and consistent help to people in our community, regardless of their religion, race, gender, sexuality or politics.

  • We believe our services should always be focused on the end user, who should be consulted and represented at every stage.

  • We believe in partnering with other organisations to maximise our resources and further our aims.

  • We believe that people have a right to be informed about all the services that are available to them.

Our aims

  • To help refugees settle into Australian community

  • To support the education of new immigrants

  • To help new arrivals develop citizenship skills

  • To support mental health in camp overstayed refugees people

  • To elevate women in society

  • To increase awareness of health and wellbeing issues

  • To help young people become self-reliant, confident and happy

  • To promote shared values and cohesive communities

  • To spread the positive values of Islam

  • To challenge prejudice, stereotypes and misconceptions

  • To help build a stronger  Australian's together

Our team

Head Office

  • Managing Director & CEO – Peter Lino

  • General Manager – Emmanuel John

  • Operations Manager – Ronald Kamba

  • Plan Manager / Accounts Officer – Vivian Issa

  • Rostering Officer – Signorita

  • Admin Officer – Emmanuel Batal


Support Coordination Team

  • Manager Support Coordination

  • Service Coordinator – (qld)

  • Regional Manager –

  • Team Leader – Accommodation & Community


  • Regional Manager (Greater Brisbane & surrounding regions) –

  • Business Development Manager (Greater Brisbane & surrounding regions) –

We have a team of more than 47 staff members (including Registered Nurses & Key Workers for houses) who assist people with disability to lead a supported independent life.

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Why Trust Us

why Trust Us

Code Compliant

We are a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a compliant signatory to ACFID’s Code of Conduct. The Code requires members to meet high standards of corporate governance, public accountability, and financial management. As part of our commitment to high standards, we ascribe to the ACFID Fundraising Charter. This Charter ensures that we are meeting the key commitments of being truthful in our communications, we collect and use information ethically, we are accountable to our stakeholders and we source our resources ethically. More information about the ACFID Code of Conduct can be obtained from ACFID.

Government Accredited

UFVRA is accredited by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), responsible for managing Australia’s aid program. To maintain accreditation, UFVRA’ systems, policies and processes are rigorously reviewed by the Australian Government. ALWS receives support through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). More information about DFAT is available on their website.

Independently Evaluated

UFVRA is regularly and systematically monitored and evaluated by independent assessors.

Jan Cossar, an independent International Development Consultant, said the following of UFVRA:

Although a small NGO in Australia, UFVRA is highly regarded in the NGO community. Its contribution to NGO and development work in Australia as well as to the broader UFVRA community is much bigger than its size.

One of the challenges when an organisation is considered so effective and doing such a good job with limited resources is a tendency to take on more and more work with the same level of human resources. There is a need for UFVRA to have the resources to ensure the quality and quantity of work that they do, and I urge UFVRA supporters to assist as much as possible given UFVRA’s great contribution to the aid and development sector.


We are committed to using your gifts as efficiently and effectively as possible. Therefore, we aim to invest wisely in overheads to achieve maximum impact. However, possible decreases in funding, maintaining standards, meeting additional compliance requirements, and staff care mean this rate can change. Over the last 4 years, 83.7% of UFVRA income has been used to help and educate people.


We link Relief, Rehabilitation and Development. Our work includes:

  • A Rights-Based Approach that recognises communities as rights-holders and agents of change in situations of human rights deprivations and violations. We empower people to claim their rights and develops the capacity of duty-bearers to meet their human rights obligations and to be held to account for their performance in this regard.
  • Disaster preparedness within development work which is crucial to ensuring the eventual self-sustainability of individuals and communities. Environmental issues, gender justice, disability-inclusion, protection, and other thematic areas are considered integral parts of all actions undertaken.
  • Being part of a global partnership committed to ending all forms of poverty, fighting inequalities and tackling climate change and strategically partner with others to avoid duplicating and thereby wasting precious resources
  • Prioritising our support to the poor and vulnerable people with a specific focus on women, children, people with disabilities
  • Using an integrated approach to development and humanitarian work. This means intentionally linking the design, delivery, and evaluation of programs across disciplines and sectors. We believe that this approach not only produces an amplified impact as it improves people’s lives in multiple ways, but also lowers costs and enhances systems, services, and products; thereby improving development efforts.


We are accountable to the UFVRA - Australia. UFVRA - is governed by a Board of Directors elected by board members during General election annually. we reports to ACNC each year. This includes submission of Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements. Governance & Staff

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