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Schoolgirls in South Sudan

We call to South Sudan has called for more investment in the education sector to allow children to have access to the service

Every day, our community of volunteers from around the country dedicate their time to welcoming new neighbours and educating their community members or congregations on issues related to migration and refugees. Simply put, the work of UFVRA would be impossible without volunteers.

“It is very important for the government and non-state actors to invest in education and to provide a conducive environment for children to learn and remain in school,” Cruz-Hubbard stated.

“It is within educated citizenry that South Sudan can realise its full development potential.”

You can get involved by connecting with one of our local network partners, reaching out to migrants in detention, or hosting an event or food distribution in your community

Farmers Market


The Advocacy Team works to ensure that Government's laws and policies support the public policy objectives of UFVRA: the welcome, protection, stability and integration of migrants and refugees into our country.



Support orphans that have no shelter

Gold Ribbon

Foster Care

Foster carers come from all walks of life. But no matter who they are, carers all have one thing in common. Foster carers have a place in their hearts for a child who needs love and understanding. 


War News

This is the only way community get news, in a hard means


Detention visitation

Immigration detention is the process of detaining non-citizens (men, women and families with children) in prison or prison-like settings while their immigration case is processed. 

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We need your support during emergency.

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united federation of volunteers for refugees action

Give us a hand & start making a difference

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