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UFVRA - Australia

United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) is the community-based nonprofit dedicated to serving vulnerable immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, Simply put, we resettle refugees, reunite children and parents, and rekindle the Australian Dream, in partners with services providers.

Our work

Driven by our Volunteer run and our nation’s values, UFVRA - Australia works to protect and embrace refugees, migrants, and children seeking a new life in Australia . Having carried out this work for more than eight decades, UFVRA and our national network of service providers are uniquely equipped to provide Inclusive services, trauma-informed, and age-appropriate care to the vulnerable individuals we serve, youths, women, elderly person, and person with disability.


Mental Health well being for all

Foster Care Services

Connecting vulnerable refugee children with safe, loving homes.

End Gender Violence

Family Reunification​

Ensuring migrant children are safely united with their loved ones.

Refugee Resettlement

Leading the UFVRA  movement to resettle refugees since 1992.

Welcoming Migrants

Offering compassionate services to recently arrived migrants.

Empowering New Australians

Equipping new Australians to be contributing members of society.

Engaging Communities

Empowering communities nationwide to join us in welcoming the stranger.

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