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The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for all of us; but, together we will get through this.

Although life has just got harder for us here in Australia, please share with others around the world in urgent need.

Right now, UFVRA’s partners are preparing to support these communities as they take the lead in combating the pandemic on their own doorstep. In South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda, refugee communities are receiving health information designed to reduce transmission and to identify symptoms.


In Nairobi, our partner is reaching the general population through NGOs networks to raise awareness of the virus, and to distribute soap and clean water. In Uganda our partner is assisting medical teams with training.

Your gift will support these and other vulnerable people across the globe, providing vital support throughout the life of the pandemic.

Thank you for helping support others around the world most at-risk to this crisis.

  • With limited access to essentials and basic health and hygiene; refugee families in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Congo are not only at much greater risk of infection, but also have limited access to medical care – care that could mean the difference between life and death if they got sick. (John Lumago/ UFVRA – Australia/ The power of loving people)

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