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UFVRA - Australia  has been working directly with Queensland’s many communities since 2015.

Beyond initial refugee resettlement, UFVRA is committed to empowering the refugees and migrants we serve to be leaders in their communities and cultural ambassadors.


Over many years, we have seen firsthand how new Australians contribute to a vibrant and resilient society, culturally, politically, and economically. Every year, we help thousands of people from all backgrounds, across all of Queensland. Our focus is supporting and advocating for the needs, interests and contributions of culturally and linguistically diverse communities .

Strengthening Communities

We support social and economic participation for all Queenslanders through strengthening community associations, delivering leadership training, creating employment pathways and raising awareness of the benefits of cultural diversity.

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Strengthening Communities

We are experts in delivering culturally inclusive aged care services through our community and Moorooka Homeless link team, Strengthening communities and the roles of individuals in building community life can help prevent disease and disability and expand resources for promoting social justice.

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A person’s health is crucial to their complete physical, mental and social well-being. At UFVRA we believe that all people should have access to health information and services that are culturally appropriate, and relevant to their needs across Brisbane.

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