UFVRA - Australia has a range of partnerships that aim to provide support and resources to disadvantaged community members. These currently include the following:

Rail Lawyer
UFVRA - Australia partners with Raillawyer’s Homeless Persons Legal Clinic to make legal services available to homeless persons and disadvantaged community members. The Clinic currently operates once fortnightly at the West End office, and deals with a wide range of legal issues. For information and bookings contact us on

Centrelink Outreach Services provide individual centrelink support every Thursday morning at the Community Breakfast from 8:00am at Moorooka Homeless Link distribution centre

Anglicare Outreach Nursing Program provides community health checks and information and referral each Thursday morning at the Community Breakfast, from 7:00am at West End Community House.

OzHarvest & SecondBite
Weekly delivery of meat, fresh fruit, vegetables and bread for the UFVRA breakfast.

UFVRA - Australia partners with African Australian Women Association, a large  DVO and consultancy group who have a Community office in Acacia Ridge YMCA. This partnership provides resources, support and volunteers for UFVRA - Australia through the AAWA staff team, and helps to provide local context and grounding to AAWA staff members. AAWA has been a strong supporter of the Breakfast Program and working with communities for many years.



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Advocacy Office

UFVRA - Kenya Office
PO Box 17461

Rhoda Musyimi 

Donations can be mailed to:

United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action
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UFVRA - Headquarter 

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