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Our donor assistance allows UFVRA to go straight into action.

In an emergency, UFVRA responds to people’s immediate needs while prioritising long-term recovery and development. The emphasis is on preventing disasters where possible, and finding sustainable solutions.


Our emergency aid effort includes: providing first-aid kits, food parcels, medical services, clothing, tents and shelters. Due to their physical weakness, most casualties of emergencies are children. UFVRA - Australia therefore give children the first priority for aid.

Our emergency response mechanisms include contingency planning, mobilising global stockpiles of relief items and the immediate deployment of teams of trained personnel.

When violence erupts and disaster strike, support from our donors all UFVRA to go straight into action. UFVRA is one of the few take longer in a refugee crisis, able to have volunteer’s supplies on the field within the minimum time possible.

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