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School Fees


UFVRA - Community Based Organization, through its programs serves a total of 25,223 direct beneficiaries including  Orphans supported 4,323 adolescent girls and young women, 3,32 orphans and vulnerable children and additional 33,786 enrolled in child sponsorship program supported by UFVRA  International.

29,145 HIV Testings

A total of 11,091 (77%) of our direct beneficiaries received HIV test including children, adolescents and young women aged 18-22

187 Cash Transfer

We gave out unconditional cash transfer to a total of 187 young women aged 18-24

980 Prep

We have initiated 391 young women (12-24) on HIV Pre exposure prophylaxis to reduce their risk to contracting HIV

3,109 Contraceptives

More than 3,109 girls and young women have been initiated in contraceptives

1,100 Early Child Development

More than 450 children benefited from our early child development and education (ECD) support.

3,03 Birth Registration

Over 2,211 children were facilitated to acquire birth certificates

3,823 School Fees

We provided school fees support to over 2,000 children in secondary schools

2,712 School Uniform

More than 2,332 children in secondary and primary schools have received school uniforms and other scholastic materials

4,369 Sanitary Pads

We have provided year round sanitary pads and sex education to over 3,980 which has helped girls gain more school days and cub absenteeism. Learn More

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