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Makes Mothers Matters (MsMsMs)

Makes Mothers Matters (MsMsMs) believe in mothers' power and their children having access to information and support to make the world a better place. Clementina, Known as Kadi Na Wayi Wayi, founder of this project,  advocate for their recognition and support to amplify their voice at the highest level.

Why Makes Mothers Matters?
Kadi Na Wayi- Wayi, to prevent and stop the power of poison, Poisoning of innocent people, like my son, children, wealthy, low educated and other categories

Makes Mothers Matters (MsMsMs has been a project of the old mother (KADI) against people's silent Poisoning. KADI is currently a refugee in the world's largest camp, the Dadaab refugee camp in North Eastern Kenya. She has undergone the worse life ever compared with any other family. Clementina Kadi, now 78, was born of two brothers and two sisters; unfortunately, all passed away. She is the only one left. The painful thing brings this project about her son's death, who got poisoned to death, along her Brother was the breadwinner in the family short to end. She loves to cry every day, at least twice a day; that is where she will feel relieved.

She believes that having access to information and support about poison men and women in our commonalities. When and as required is empowering; it enables women to make informed decisions and better equips them to protect and support themselves and their child on so-called Poisoning of innocent members to death. Makes Mothers Matters (MsMsMs give primacy to mothers living in areas know for poison killing. Makes Mothers Matters (MsMsMs) will continue to provide this service in the areas of people being poison, by information and support on how to avoid, identified victim's intentions.

Makes Mothers Matters (MsMsMs), facilitates the sharing of information and the wisdom gained from lived experience and invites you to join the conversations on our Facebook pages. Our endeavors are enriched by the contributions, narratives, and experiences of Clementine Kadi and other women. Her work, commitment, and connection with women make Make Mothers Matters (MsMsMs) authenticity, validity, and the right to be heard and respected. Respected in a way sing mothers or mothers have and will continue to raise exceptional children, without being poisoned by anybody.

Advancing their skills and recognizing their responsibility as the first educators of their children are vital levers for change.

What Kadi do:

kadi Focused area: uganda refugees camps, South Sudan, inparticular yei, Kejokeji, kaya, Morobu, Lanya, Lasu, Korolebi, Mapoko, Baji, Tore, Acholic county, and Madi region in Nimule. 

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