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Support Coordination

Maximize the benefits of your Disability Plan:

Support Coordination 

UFVRA South Sudan is registered with the national disability organization to deliver Support Coordination. The Support Coordination service is capacity-building support to implement all supports in an Individual's disability Plan (including informal, mainstream, community, and funded supports). Support Coordination connects you with the human and material supports you need to reach your goals. At its core, Support Coordination is about exploring what is possible with Individuals' disability funds, building capacity to exercise choice and control; and, support to navigate the disability marketplace to find the best support options for the Individual.

A Support Coordinator will support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your Plan and link you to the community, mainstream, and other government services. We will help build your ability to exercise choice and control, coordinate supports, and access your local community. At Ignite Community Network, we match you with the most appropriate Support Coordinator to work together with you on your journey with us. Our team of Support Coordinators are appropriately qualified and registered Allied Health professionals who are understanding, experienced, and professional with various qualifications and specialist skills.

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Our Support Coordination is a service that is funded separately from your disability supports within your disability Plan. Under the disability scheme, an Individual is initially responsible for getting started, understanding your disability Plan and budgets, and finding and connecting with support and services to achieve goals. For some Individuals managing and coordinating supports can become overwhelming. Support Coordination is there to assist. Not every Individual is funded for Support Coordination, but everyone can ask for it. If you would like Support Coordination in your Plan, at your disability planning meeting, explain to your disability Planner the reasons why you feel you require the assistance of a Support Coordinator and the type of assistance you need. The level of support determined in an Individual's Plan is dependent on their unique circumstances such as:

  • Their disability and functional impacts on the Individuals life

  • Whether they have family, carers, or other types of support in their life.

Support Coordinators have three levels of support coordination, which may be approved for inclusion in an Individuals Plan.

Level 1: Support Connection

This support builds your ability to connect with informal, community, and funded supports, enabling you to get the most out of your Plan and achieve your goals.

This level of support will assist you in understanding your disability plan, connecting with broader systems of supports; and, connect with providers.

Level 2: Coordination of Supports

This support will assist you in building the skills you need to understand, implement and use your Plan. A Support Coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently, and be included in your community.

This level of support will assist you in your design and build your supports to ensure you are linked to the services you want or need. Help you direct your life, not just your services, by working together to understand the funding, what you can expect from services, and how you would like it designed. You will also be coached to build and maintain a network of formal and informal supports.

Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination

This is a higher level of support coordination. It is for Individuals whose situations are more complex and who need specialist support. A Specialist Support Coordinator will assist you in managing challenges in your support environment and ensuring consistent delivery of service.

This level of support helps remove barriers so that you can access appropriate supports. A Specialist Support Coordinator can: help you reduce complexity in your support environment so that you can connect with funded supports as well as broader supports; they can also negotiate support solutions with multiple stakeholders to achieve well-coordinated plan implementation; and they can also help manage crisis points for Individuals, ensuring you have access to relevant supports during a crisis.

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We provide Support Connection, Coordination of Supports, and Specialist Support Coordination across the central Equatorial and the east side. UFVRA South Sudan Support Coordination services are operationally separate from our direct assistance. We have a Conflict of Interest Policy in operation to ensure you are offered the broadest range of local options available. If you are interested to hear more about our Support Coordination Program, please contact us at:

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