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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022,  the United States has welcomed more than 100,000 Ukrainians and others seeking safety. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service stands in solidarity with our Ukrainian neighbors and is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian refugees and immigrants however possible.  

Learn more below about how you can help Ukrainian refugees in the United States and beyond below at our Partners UNHCR Video




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Many Ukrainians in Australia  are supported by the Ukrainian Humanitarian Parole (UHP) program and by private sponsorship through Uniting for Ukraine (U4U).  In some cases, however, Ukrainians may need additional support. UFVRA through partners, helps fill in those gaps; our dedicated case managers work with the community to help clients thrive in their new homes, connecting them to housing support, physical and mental health providers, employment opportunities, and other services that might be needed.

This work is also supported within our Welcome Center programming, which provides protection-centered and trauma-informed case management services to asylum seekers and those arriving through humanitarian parole.

Welcome Center programming offers:

  • Mental health screening and referral to mental health and psychosocial support through internal services where available, as well as external referrals.

  • Connection to community health providers to address any health issues.

  • Connection to community-based resources for which they are eligible, such as food banks, volunteer services, and faith communities.

  • Education services, including school enrollment for school-age children, and access to youth and adult education programming, including English classes.

  • Emergency food, housing, and financial assistance.



United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action stand in solidarity with our neighbors in Ukraine and pray for peace, healing, and resolution. Please feel free to repost and share a message of support with our Ukrainian neighbors using #StandWithUkraine:


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