Preventing Homelessness.

Need of all children  & young people deserve a happy, healthy start to life. UFVRA helps to provide the security, care and support that is so vital to the development of children & young people and strengthening communities. At the heart of UFVRA work is early intervention and prevention, which means we address issues before they become major setbacks.

Our volunteers support  mums and dads to be the very best parents they can be. We run different activities like  playgroups, literacy and financial education programs, and other activities that help families – including grandparents and other exchange programs that make this group, feel well supported as part of a community.

As kids grow old and journey from childhood to adulthood, life is choked with modification, uncertainty and challenges. on the manner, youth could expertise stress at college, self-image doubts, relationship problems and also the pressure to settle on a career path – things which will contribute to psychological state and strained relationships at college and residential.

our volunteers  work with, families, schools and communities to look for signs that young people are at risk of disengaging from school, developing drug and alcohol problems, losing contact with their family, becoming homeless or getting involved in crime. UFVRA’s youth and community Volunteer then provide tailored support including art and music therapy, alternative education, counselling, mental health awareness and drug and alcohol programs based on the its situation if we can handled.


Our services also work with families to help them deal with those challenges that can tear people apart, such as problem gambling, domestic violence, drug and alcohol issues and long-term unemployment, that we considered it No right.

We strengthen community  by tuning in to individuals and networks and preparing them to change themselves. Utilizing a spot based methodology, we try to empower individuals, families and networks to be progressively drawn in, associated and versatile.

Understanding young people

We believe one of the best ways to find out what support young people need is to ask them. UFVRA is also guided by the expert knowledge of our youth workers and other community services staff, many with decades of experience supporting young people.

Keeping children and young people safe

 UFVRA are committed to continuing to ensure the highest standards of safety and well being for  all the children and young people who engage with our services. We are currently working hard to make sure we meet requirements arising from state and territory government reforms to child protection, that is they law we will be using.

Domestic & family violence

For many of us it may be inconceivable that domestic and family violence  is anywhere near us. But the reality is it is likely to be in every suburb in Australia at any place what so ever> see more

Housing support for families

 We knows homelessness can have a devastating impact on young lives. This is why we do our utmost to help families keep a roof over their heads and create nurturing homes for the next generation of confident, capable and independent world.

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Provide ongoing support: 

For many people, there’s no quick fix to the challenges they face. That’s why we journey with them for months and years at a time to help them take steps towards happy, healthy and independent lives. Your monthly donation makes this ongoing care possible.

Give long-term security: 

Your monthly donation secures our programs and services for the long term, ensuring that help will be there for people in need for years into the future.

Maximize your donation:

 Giving monthly reduces our administration costs, which means that every dollar you give is used as efficiently as possible and invested where it’s needed most.

When you give a monthly donation, you stand together with world in need until they can stand for themselves, depend when and how?

Below are group of volunteers advocating for Domestic violence Prevention in Kenya.


First peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Our Values

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Together we can be the change in the lives of many!

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