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Worst thing in lifetime (People of South Sudan deserve protection from their Government).

Following a recent attack on the town of Eastern Equatorial of South Sudan in South Sudan, UFVRA - Australia, today expressed alarm at the deteriorating security situation in the country which has forced even more returnees or refugees to flee for their lives.

We are deeply concerned by the continuing attacks on both South Sudanese civilians and humanitarians rent weeks 26/02/2022 and calls on all parties to take every step to protect women, men, girls, disable and boys from the direct and indirect impacts of this violence.

Therefore, UFVRA condemns tribal armed attack on a farming community in the Eastern Equatorial of South Sudan, in which at least few people were killed and some gravely injured, and properties were stolen and later recovered by community efforts.

“We express our condolences and grief to the families of the killed and injured people, and their wider communities Choli land close tribes in that region. This is a terrible tragedy that might have been avoided if security forces had provided the necessary protection for communities to engage in productive work. South Sudan Government should understand that the country belong to all southerns and it is their land to be. They love their country and their well should be respected and protected.

“This spreading of violence signifies a worrying development. People fleeing the recent incident claimed that the town came under an indiscriminate attack by the South Sudan armed forces, or Cattle keepers attacks ” UFVRA spokesperson Joy Mimi told a news briefing in Nairobi.

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