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Our story

United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) has been faithful to its mission and purpose since it was established in 1991. Our values of hope, community, integrity, and responsiveness continue to form the basis of every service we provide – from Refugees and the homeless to working with seniors. We have a robust and respectful service intention that offers flexibility and choice to people across the QLD, and we work with stakeholders to build a vibrant and connected community.
UFVRA commenced as a small volunteer collective to assist refugees, temporary visa holders, and homeless people, connecting them to all kinds of services.


Our founders understood the importance of building strong, resilient communities through the services we provide.
We offer our service users hope and support through the way we engage and listen to what they want in their lives and how we can assist them in achieving it. This can be seen in our Refugees and homeless feeding Programs, where we listen to the individual interests and concerns and build our services based on their needs and wants for the future.

UFVRA is committed to building stronger communities and creating connections for people who may not be well connected and seek purposeful and valued roles in our community. Through our work with people, organizations, and government, we do this through our history in running community events in partnership, such as the AAWA Seniors Outing.

We believe that reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is vitally important to a healthy community, particularly in redressing the disadvantage that they have experienced through colonization. We partner with other organizations to create opportunities for reconciliation in the community through our Reconciliation Action Plan and recognition of important events.
We practice integrity in all aspects of our work in providing quality services and outcomes for people. Reliability, honesty, transparency, and collaboration are components of this value that define who we are and what we do. This can be seen in our open partnership with other organizations and government and our internal accountability and governance.

UFVRA is responsive to the crises within the QLD community. We recognize what needs to be done and step forward to respond to any emergency. We were a crucial partner in the recovery efforts of the 2003 bushfires and had also been working with people affected by the Mr. Alex asbestos in the QLD.
Our future is built on our history, our values, and the critical role we play in our community to enrich lives. We are well placed to thrive in the challenging environment ahead, and we recognize the importance of our staff, community, and partners in our continuing success for the future.


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