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UFVRA - Australia works, within social inclusion frame-work to achieve well being of and security for refugees & asylum seekers on terms that are important to them.

we ensure that all volunteers of communities have the opportunity to participate in project activities without prejudice. we appeal to build the capacity of our overseas partner offices and local organisations to environmental sustainability into our emergence response program. www.ufvra.org.au

Inclusion and Well-Being

UFVRA - works to improve inclusion & well-being for  girls and women, through project activities that seek to promote gender equity within our operation

Community Building

UFVRA - Seek to build community by connecting our people. UFVRA - operate free coffee, food, household items for homeless and disadvantage families, youth mentoring, and elder connect projects. 

Sustainable Food support

UFVRA - Support few developing nations to improve sustainable food production through projects that address food security during emergency.  

Support Services

UFVRA - Provide a range of support services for most people experience crisis. This impact area including children and women refugees, Emergency relief, community 


UFVRA-  Respond quickly to disasters providing immediate relief, early recovery and risk reductions, and emergency accommodation both overseas and in Australia, through our global and local partners. 

Child sponsorship

UFVRA - recognise the impact child sponsorship has on the world’s most vulnerable children during times of crisis. we believed Child Sponsorship is the most effective and rewarding way to help give children better futures.

Support our work

Together, we can help people in need. Give now to transform lives without conditions.


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of all the lands on which we meet, work and live and recognize that this land has always been and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land.www.ufvra.org.au

United Federation of Volunteers for Refugees Action pays its good wishes to the traditional custodians across the lands in which we work, and acknowledges the elders past, present and emerging.  We walk together in solidarity in the shared pain of the past and with shared hope, respect and value for the future.

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Our Values

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United Federation of Volunteers for Refugees Action (UFVRA), advocates for refugees assistance and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises. We do not take any government or UN funding, ensuring the independence and credibility of our Organisation work.

We'd love to hear from you,Children, youth, families & communities

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