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Mand and Women Program 

The Women’s Program is presently accessible to serve as a complement to The Men’s Program. The Women’s Program is an exceptional instrument that can demonstrate to be useful because it engaging program that targeted to all-female audiences focused on to all-female groups. Since few ladies see themselves to be potential casualties of assault, The Women’s Program centers on how to distinguish men’s possibly high-risk practices and how ladies can be compelling bystanders with their companions in high-risk circumstances, especially those including alcohol.

In expansion, the program focuses on how to assist a companion recoup from sexual attack without accusing the survivor. Goals of the Women's Program.

 The Women's Program has three objectives:

  • To empower ladies to assist assault survivors by giving them relevant data approximately assault, a victim's recuperation from assault, and assets where more data can be found.

  • To empower ladies to recognise characteristics of high-risk perpetrators.      

  • To empower and engage ladies to intercede in potentially high-risk situations


Because few women perceive themselves to be potential victims of rape, The Women’s Program focuses on how to identify men’s potentially high-risk behaviour and how women can be effective bystanders with their friends in high-risk situations, particularly those involving alcohol. In addition, the program focuses on how to help a friend recover from sexual assault without blaming the survivor. During the program, participants learn characteristics of men who rape and the situations in which men are most likely to commit rape. We discuss how to identify red flags in men’s behaviour and how to help ones friends identify these behaviours. We also discuss ways participants can help sexual assault survivors and explain that helping sexual assault survivors involves understanding the needs of the survivor as well as self-limitations. In the end, participants are engaged in discussion of bystander intervention scenarios and talk about how they can help their friends avoid risky situations.

Mens Program

What is The Men's Program?

UFVRA - Australia advocates the use of a comprehensive approach to rape prevention that includes many research-based efforts. Based on our commitment to applying theory and research to our programs, we use and advocate the use of The Men's Program. This program is a one hour workshop titled "How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor: What Men Can Do." 

The Men's Program is usually presented by trained male peer educators to all-male groups. However, many other have presented the program, including women in rape crisis centers and university settings where male presenters are not currently available. Published research shows that this unique program has the dual benefit of educating men how to help women recover from a rape experience while lowering men's rape myth acceptance and their self-reported likelihood of raping. 

The Men's Program is also the name of the training manual on Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia is an accredited, nationally focussed, not for profit organisation which has been working in the field of sexual, domestic and family violence since 1971. This  charity provides educated rape prevention practitioners with a comprehensive guide to creating a sexual assault peer education group from the ground up. (one in Four)


Goals of The Men's Program

The primary goals of The Men's Program are: 

  •  To help men understand how to help women recover from rape.

  •  To increase the likelihood of bystander intervention in potentially high-risk situations.

  •  To challenge men to change their own behaviors and influence the behaviors of others.

Program Outline

The Men’s Program opens with a non-confrontational tone, defining rape and sexual assault. Next, participants view a 15 minute video where a police trainer describes a rape experience that is used to develop men’s understanding of and empathy toward rape survivors. After noting that the experience the police officer had is similar to that which has been experienced by one in four college women, participants learn to help a woman recover from a rape experience who comes to them seeking assistance and support. Participants hear what men can do in their own behavior to help prevent rape including defining consent and using effective bystander intervention strategies. 

The final section focuses on bystander intervention in situations involving alcohol and sexual assault. In this interactive section, participants are taken through a guided imagery of an alcohol-related rape and are taught effective ways that they could intervene if they come upon such a situation. Participants brainstorm ways to apply this new information to their own social groups. 

Research has shown that this program not only teaches men how to help women recover from rape and increases their empathy toward female rape survivors, but that high risk men who see the program commit less sexual assault than men who don't. for more information to educate the community the best way for you to get direct link for this information and message go to https://www.oneinfourusa.org/themensprogram.html


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