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Hope For South Sudanese Widows 

A Supportive Community That Cares For the past.

Your journey is unique; your loss so very personal. Hope For South Sudanese Widows is here to be a supportive community that you can grow with.

Hope For South Sudanese Widows project, is a international support system for, and developed by, widowed women. We are a connection that offers community support and resources, and we hope you will stand and grow with us.

Through our community support, private Facebook Group,  resource section, initiatives, consistent giveaways, online and in-person meet-ups and conferences we serve to offer caring support and connection through the entire grieving process.

Resources for Widows

Hope for Widows Foundation understands how hard it is to pick up the pieces when a husband, and often father passes. It can be devastating for even the strongest of women.  Immediately the burdens of the spouse’s role are hefted upon the shoulders of the grieving widow who is neither financially, mentally, physically nor emotionally equipped to deal with these responsibilities and feelings on their own.  Our hope is to mitigate this feeling of being totally overwhelmed by providing immediate contact, lasting support and a wealth of resources to widowed women across the country.

Hope for Widows Resources

Hope for Widows Blogging Community ›
Articles and helpful information written specifically by the Hope for Widows blogging community.

Initiatives ›
We provide many initiatives for you to get involved in. Please check back regularly for more information and get involved.

Public Facebook Page ›
This is our public page where we represent our community to new members and the public alike. We post many articles and quotes that you can relate to, including our latest blog post.

Private Facebook Group ›
This is a private peer to peer support group that requires approval. Only widowed woman are allowed in this group. It helps us facilitate the management of our community and showcase selected uplifting posts to our general audience. This link will direct you to send us a Facebook friend request to our Foundation friend profile page – where we can easily screen, approve and then add you to the private group directly.  Note this group is set to PRIVATE- it is not searchable on Facebook -we will need to add you or a fellow widow hope sister you may know- that is already in the group can add you too.

Instagram Group›
Please follow Hope For Widows Foundation on Instagram. We share monthly initiatives, relatable quotes, articles, consistent giveaways and inspirational and uplifting messages.

Electronic Newsletter›
Sign up for our newsletter here. We share consistent resources, announcements, helpful tips, initiatives and inspirational and uplifting messages.

Situational depression is often a side-effect of losing a spouse. If your grief has escalated to a degree that you’re having suicidal thoughts, please contact the Suicide Hotline listed here. There are people 24/7 who will listen and help you through this trying time. It may feel as if you’re alone, but there is a community reaching out their hand to help you on your journey. You simply have to grab hold of it.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Australia s based service, for international suicide prevention services please visit www.iasp.info.


Resources for family and friends of widows.

What Widows Want You to Know

We asked for feedback from widows on our closed Facebook page about the things that they wish their families and friends knew about becoming a widow. Here is the list compiled from our wonderful community.

As a friend or family member close to a widow it is so hard to know what to do and say, read through this guide, and while keeping in mind that everyone deals with grief differently these might be helpful comments from the women who have been there.


I am not the same person since my husband passed away. Even though I don’t seem very interactive, I do need you.
I am devastated. I’ve lost half of me and my identity. All my future goals and aspirations are intertwined with him being part of those and I have no idea how to formulate my future without him.
He’s dead but don’t treat me like I’m dead too. Look at me. I’m still here under all of this grief.
Please remember that grief lasts longer than sympathy does be patient with me as I try to put my life in some order.

He was my past, present and future. Please cut me a bit of slack if there is sometimes an edge to my voice. I’m at the end of my rope at any given moment.
Please talk about my husband and don’t worry if I start to cry. Crying is part of the grieving process. I want to hear his name. I want to hear your memories of him.
The first couple of years of widowhood are unstable emotionally. Please be there for me through the good times and bad.

I need your support not your judgment. When I talk, please just let me talk without trying to fix me or my predicament. It might help if you ask me if I am talking to talk or if I want you to give me your opinion and how you think I should be handling things.

Please don’t jump on every comment I say during my hazy widow brain.
Don’t judge the timeline to my grief. Don’t tell me I should be “over it” by now. Year one is a complete fog. Year two is even harder because all of the firsts have past and now the reality is set. The third year is the first year I may even have the ability to move forward.

Don’t tell me to “move on”. I will never move on. I’ve love the man I love. Hopefully, I will be able to put one foot in front of the other and slowly be able to move forward but I will never move on.
Please don’t compare my grief with your divorce or the death of your family animal. The bottom line is that my husband is in a box in the ground or in the urn on my mantle.

Don’t tell me you are going to be there for me and then not return my calls or show up seeing what I need.
Don’t tell me after he dies what I did wrong while he was sick. I was alone and did the best I could.
Don’t tell me “he’s in a better place”. That’s bull he belongs with me!

You can see why we created Hope for Widows. this is a situation that most people are unprepared to help support. If you find this information helpful we urge you to consider making a financial donation in your widowed friend’s or family member’s name.


Hope for South Sudanese Widows  project offers a newsletter, Private Facebook Group to interact with other ladies, Instagram connection and much more!  We plan consistent initiatives, giveaways, and in-person/ online meet-ups and events.  We hope you join and get involved. 

Join Us

Women Helping Women

Events & Initiatives

Annual Hope and Peace Meetings

The annual Hope & Peace meeting is to partially ease the financial burden of a widowed woman as she navigates her healing journey. Yearly application process to apply and Awardee selected.

ufvra connect week

Join Peter Lee, Hope for south Sudanese  Widows Director live on private conference call line to connect with other UFVRA Volunteers to talk about widowhood on selected week 

Hope project Connect- Facebook Live weeks

Join Peter Lee, Hope for  south Sudanese Widows Members Outreach Committee Member live in private Facebook group to connect with other  to talk about widowhood on selected weeks in all refugees comps

Health and Wellness

Join Peter Lee, Hope for South Sudanese Widows Health and Wellness Outreach Member in our private group as she shares daily and  helpful information such as nutrition, recipes, personal development, fitness and lifestyle support.

December Focus

Hope For South Sudanese Widow Project,  has Christmas Gift Exchange (in Private Facebook Group)

Christmas series, three month before. 

Hope For South Sudanese Widow Project,  Hearts of Hope (in Private Facebook Group)

Support our Independence 

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  • There’s No Gift Like the Present

    The start of this year looks very different compared to every year prior. I don’t have my typical resolution to eat healthier or to lose a few pounds. Instead, I enter this year with quite a bit of emotional baggage.

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  • Perfectly Imperfect

    Well, I’ve done it. Made it through a full calendar year without my dear husband here by my side. I remember on New Year’s Eve last year, as 2019 arrived, I was filled with such dread and sorrow. It was

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