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When  volunteers or people across the world come together and get involved , big changes are possible. Subsequently, whether you campaign,donate or volunteer, fund-raise,  you’ll be joining thousands of others who want to help build a better future. 


Our policies

Our work is grounded in our experience over the past 19 years and in our Mandate, set by the board member of the origination (United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action Inc. learn more

Code of Conduct

United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action Inc prioritises the protection of staff, communities, partners, and others we serve. Our strategies outline how we priorities prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, child abuse, all forms of harassment, fraud, corruption, unethical practice and different maltreatment of power.

The following policy in combination with our Code of Conduct set out standards that direct how our organisation behaves, how we are managed, how we correspond with the public and how we spend the funds we raise.


United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action Inc recognises advocacy as a core component of rights-based humanitarian, development and protection programming and as essential to the achievement of sustainable, transformation change resulting in strengthen protection, justice and dignity for communities threatened by war conflict and tragedy. See our Advocacy policy here

Age and Diversity

UFVRA as a volunteer’s organisation that operates within diverse international contexts, United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action Inc values diversity and promotes inclusion of diverse people in all cycles of programs, advocacy, initiatives and aspects of work places we a promised. Read our Aged and Diversity policy here

Child Safeguarding

United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc is committed to the protection and welfare of all children. We obtain our sense of duty of care seriously and will aim at all times to present the safest promising atmosphere for children. We will seize all concerns and reports of child abuse seriously and urgent action will be taken. If you are concerned for the safety of a child, please follow the reporting our framework detailed in UFVRA Child Safeguarding Policy 2020. See our child safe grading rule here

Prevention of Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Harassment Policy

United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc, has zero tolerance of all forms of sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment, and is committed to maintaining a safeguarding environment and to responding to concerns. This course of action outlines our dedication and provides information on how to report any concerns. The procedure is to be read in conjunction with our Child Safeguarding Policy anywhere children are affected. Read our prevention of sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment rule here


Our partners have the right to express and respond to reasonable concerns without the risk of retaliation or unfair treatment, including harassment or victimization, or loss of their employment, rights or funding. All complaints are taken seriously and we appreciate it when people take the time to help us do our job better. Read our complaint policy here


As a humanitarian assistance and development organization and long-time advocate of human rights and humanitarian law, the United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc has, condemns all forms of violence against any civilians, including terrorism. Read our counter terrorisms policy here

Disability Inclusivity

This guiding principle commits to United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities as a common value, as well as a method of work to ensure programs address the diverse range of barriers faced within a target group both nationwide and international. Read our Disability Exclusivity rule here

Environmental Management

This course of action commits United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) In Volunteers, staff & partners to protect the atmosphere as a common value and support sound environmental management as a method that guides all of our work. Read our Environmental management rule here


This procedure commits United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc, to promoting gender equal opportunity as a common value and gender mainstreaming as a scheme of work to achieve gender equal opportunity. The policy outlines commitments for all United Federation of Volunteers for Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc, volunteers, personnel, and outlines the ethics to be upheld in their occupation. Read our Gender Policy here


This Policy commits United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc to endorse HIV/AIDS understanding in the midst of its volunteers, staff, partners and beneficiaries, and mainstreaming and integrating HIV/AIDS awareness across our humanitarian and development programs globally. Learn more about our HIV AIDS Policy here.

Human Rights

This rule commits United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc with regard to, protecting and promoting the realisation of human rights as a common value, and a rights-based approach as a method of work to achieve This rule commits United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc goal of achieving protection, justice and dignity in communities threatened by war conflict, tragedy and displacement. Read our Human Rights Policy here.

Marketing, Communications and Fundraising

The purpose of this rule commits United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc is to ensure that the marketing, message and fundraising behaviour undertaken by volunteers, staff and supporters are undertaken ethically and in line with the mission, vision, purpose and values of the organisation in Australia and outside Australia. Click her for our Marketing, communications and fundraising guidelines

Non-approved Development Activities 

This rule applies to all of UFVRA development and humanitarian programs both overseas and in Australia for the purpose of ensuring that funds provided to United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc are used in a transparent manner congruent with the intent they were given and directed to development activities rather than non-development activities (Rules, wellbeing and advocacy). Read our Non Approved Development Activities Policy here


Privacy is very important to us and we strive to use personal information responsibly. This Privacy Policy will help you understand why and how we collect and use personal and confidential information, and how to respond to questions, concerns, or complaints.  Read our Privacy rule here


This rule is a commitment to the work of United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc to maintain the flow of benefits of the program or project in the future. This means ensuring that our efforts do not only take into account the present, future, economic, environmental and social needs, but also that we have the capacity to build effective, efficient, economic and impact-focused humanitarian aid and development programming. There is a clear focus on. Start focused. To support locally driven change that continues after the project or program ends. Click here for our sustainability policy.


This procedure supports the disclosure of wrongdoing occurring within United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc so, that appropriate action can be undertaken. UFVRA is committed to maintaining an environment where legitimate concerns regarding illegal, unethical, corrupt or other improper conduct are able to be reported without fear of retaliatory action or retribution. Our whistle-blower policy covers concerns about risk or illegality that affect others; The whistle-blower is usually not directly affected by anxiety. If you are directly affected by any concerns, please see our complaints policy” Read our whistle-blower policy here

Code of Good Practice

Our Code of Good Practice sets out the common values, principles and commitments that will shape the humanitarian, development and advocacy work of UFVRA. It outlines the minimum professional and ethical standards required from United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc and our partners.

Open Information Policy: United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc is committed to being open and transparent in its work and accountable to its key stakeholders, in particular people affected by conflict, disasters and displacement whom we seek help. We allocate information with beneficiaries, partner organisations, supporters, donors and the general public, and are accountable to our staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, suppliers and the Australian governments. The information we make known and how we respond to requests for information are important aspects of accountability. We will proactively publish information, and on request will disclose information, or give reasons for any decision not to disclose, for example, to respect confidentiality or privacy or to protect the safety of beneficiaries. Our solution measure for the decision will be on balance opinion of the risks and the impact on our purpose, to improve the protection, justice and dignity of communities affected by war conflict, disasters and displacement. We will publish guidance about how to request information and the types of information available on request. To request information, please email United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc: admin@ufvra.org.au

Read our Code of conduct here


Sponsor a child

  • Through sponsorship, you will be matched to an orphan in need, helping to support the cost of their school essentials for a long term.

Volunteer with us

  • Share your skills to help global  children in need transform their lives through education.


  • We aim to provide a working environment where staff and volunteers have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Ways to Fundraiser

  • Learn about fundraising and give back to the community with The Smith Family.


  • Learn how your organisation can partner with The Smith Family and help build a better future for  orphans in need.


VIEW Clubs of  UFVRA 

  • Learn about VIEW, a leading women’s volunteer organisation and support network with over 1,000 members, across the world 

There are more way to take part in our action

Like all children, Viola has dreams for her future. Sadly, most children in rural Pakistan can’t get the education they need to realize their dreams and escape poverty.

South Sudan Appeal

Six years on and Syrian refugees are still in urgent need of our help. Keep hope alive and help provide the food, medical care and support they need.

Ration Challenge: what can we call it now?

Together we raised over $1 million during Ration Challenge 20189- enough to feed more than 10,000 refugees for a year through our partners around the world 


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of all the lands on which we meet, work and live and recognize that this land has always been and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land.www.ufvra.org.au

United Federation of Volunteers for Refugees Action pays its good wishes to the traditional custodians across the lands in which we work, and acknowledges the elders past, present and emerging.  We walk together in solidarity in the shared pain of the past and with shared hope, respect and value for the future.

Our Values

Value People|Innovation|Sustainability|Equity|We are Stewards|We Are Partners |We are Responsive|We are Committed to the Poor | Accountability

Our Partners 

We're partnering with over 49 organisations and 80,000 local volunteers to tackle the world's greatest problems

UFVRA is a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct and Fundraising Charter, which commits international aid and development organisations to good standards of governance, transparency, accountability and effectiveness.

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