Moorooka Homeless Link


Moorooka Homeless link is more of a social club and are one volunteer organisation, Community oriented, with no officers, no monthly dues, no monthly meetings. 

Our mission is to help the less fortunate such as the homeless, with view to creating the most inclusive and easy to get to charity in Brisbane. We value working together as a community and aim to achieve this by engaging people from all walks of life to help those in need.

The homeless were so grateful for everything. Even under horrible conditions they had a smile and a wonderful core.  

Different volunteers bring different skills, ideas, and values and by working together we can find the best possible solutions for helping others. Joining this common purpose, we aim to develop a platform to do some good and make a difference in Moorooka community (Brisbane).

Our objective

  • Our primary goal at moorooka homeless link is to ensure every disadvantaged person in Brisbane has access to a filling, nutritious, and free wholesome meal.

  • We engage our volunteers to provide their invaluable experience and expertise to fund, cook and serve our meals without condition

  • We are constantly keen for additional funding sources to allow us to further develop and expand our charitable endeavours

New update for our volunteers.

Please know that, Ice at Foodbank Qld is now free!

We have exciting news, Foodbank Qld has made the decision to offer ice free of charge to all members! This change will ensure all frozen and chilled items that leave the Foodbank Qld warehouse are transported in line with our safe handling and transportation of food policy to preserve food quality.

We thank you for continuing to transport frozen or chilled food via eskies, with your own ice blocks or complimentary ice from the Foodbank ice machine. 

If you have any further questions regarding the collection or transportation of food items, please contact Corinne (Foodbank Qld Warehouse and Distribution Manager) at corinne@foodbankqld.org.au


Warehouse hours this Friday 19 June

A reminder that the Foodbank Qld warehouse will be closing early on Friday 19 of June. The warehouse will close at 11:30am will charity partners not permitted to enter after 11am. We thank you for your cooperation and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Moorooka Homeless Link (Access Street Food Cart),

Moorooka Homeless Link (Access Street Food Cart), are a project of homeless access Outreach, and urban volunteering program supporting the homeless, international student and disadvantaged people.

We are looking for a partners to join Moorooka homeless Link Outreach Street Food Cart Crew Volunteers and feed homeless members of the community. Since we are volunteer organisation with no funding, our volunteers have been positive and committed to contribute on their own pockets as individual that keeps us moving ahead with Moorooka Homeless link. We seek partners extend hand to support us in any ways possible. There is need of us to work together in order to achieve a long time goal for our community. we are looking for support.

Our ongoing Supporter

Hashim "Mohammed" have been instrumental in helping Moorooka homeless Link (Outreach Street Food Cart) by supplying a range of meals, ingredients and packaging items to over 30 House hold per week. He is a dedicated team of volunteers and staff have helped us to grow in scale and feed many more disadvantage families and individual. His support is greatly appreciated by all the team and those we serve. Even though he has used his own transport, sometime his own money, at the food bank. Thanks for your ongoing support "Hashim".


First peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Our Values

Value People   |   Innovation   |   Sustainability   |   Equity   |   We are Stewards   |   We Are Partners    |   We are Responsive   |   We are Committed to the Poor   |   Accountability

Together we can be the change in the lives of many!

All Donations over $2 are tax deductible

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