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Community- based Rehabilitation Program, South Sudan,

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Clementine in Her Dream @2021 UFVRA -Australia Project © Community- based Rehabilitation Program, South Sudan, and supporting Handicap international humanitarian work Challenging injustice - Inclusion of people with a disability in South Sudan.

What a difference a strong humanitarian partnership can make! South Sudan Disability Inclusion Project is the fruit of a mission partnership between the Handicap International, in South. The project has just commences its first milestone, and so much has been achieved and more is expected.The project supports all adults with a disability, or parents caring for a child with a disability, with small business loans and training so they can improve their livelihoods and flourish as


intends in our mission statement. It also raises awareness within the local groups, leaders, churches and community of the human rights of people with a disability.

Joyce is an onion vendor. She has also survived polio, and looks after her aging mother. The project has helped her with stocktaking, so she can now manage her business better by ensuring that she has all the products she needs. The project has also helped Joyce develop the confidence to participate in things like family gatherings and events. Through the training, and through developing her business, she says she feels a greater sense of human dignity. “I’m now eating a balanced diet, I like to dress well, and I have enough funds to pay my insurance cover. Right now I’m constructing my house”, says Joyce.

Nancy also lives with a disability. At 23, she is both a baby sitter and tailor. Through the project she has learned a lot about how to manage her businesses under one roof. She found the stocktaking training particularly useful. Her business has now expanded, and she has returned to school to enrich her advance tailoring skills. Her sister helps her with the shop when she needs to be in class.

Nancy says, “The project has helped me to believe in myself. I now dress well and do smart dresses and most love dress styles. This attracts more customers to my tailor shop. I have my own income, and am very happy that I can make my own decisions.” The project has ensured Joyce is able to meet her personal needs and pay part of her tailoring school fees.

“My dream is to purchase my own land where I can build my own shop and tailoring workshop”, says Nancy Your donation to this project can assist more people with a disability like Joyce and Nancy access small loans, and receive small business training and mentor-ship, so that they can live full, dignified and productive lives.

This project needs $9,000 in 2021 HOW TO DONATE

You can make an online donation to this project here Donate now to this project


Alternatively, for donations by cheque/money order (made out to the United Federation Of Volunteers (UFVRA) Inc, telephone or email, view contact details here. Please don’t forget to include the project name and/or code 4118UNIT with your payment details.

Gifts to UFVRA will be applied to the support of project(s) selected. In the unlikely event of the project being oversubscribed or not proceeding to completion, donations will be applied to a similar project to the one(s) selected.

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