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Assisting People Settling In Australia

People we assisted

  1. Rhoda Familie 4 orphans settled in QLD

  2. Mam Luate>: 3 grand children settled in QLD

  3. John Batal Dada: Two child settled in Pert

  4. 2020: First request ( Gloria, in Queensland,) Three (3) kids" total orphans" to be brought to Australia, self sponsored, supported by UFVRA Australia, 8/01/2020 on process

Child Visas

To provide a comprehensive range of services for clients with child visa applications, a migration adviser should have access to family law expertise.

At  UFVRA you can access advice from Accredited Specialists in both family law and immigration law (Australia in different state laws differs). Our lawyers will explain to you in straight-forward terms how you can bring your child (or orphaned relative) to Australia.

There is a range of visas for children to migrate to, or to remain in, Australia. The choice of visa will depend on whether the child is dependent, adopted, a stepchild or an orphaned relative, and inside or outside Australia.

Child visas

Visas for children,

especially adoption cases, can be complex. The rules are very strict. Where the child has health issues, there is further complexity. The publically-available information provided on-line by the Department of Immigration does not address all the related issues.

To be eligible for a child visa, the visa applicant must be related to an Australian permanent resident or citizen, be single and not over 18 years of age. It may be possible to qualify for this visa if the parent holds a provisional spouse visa or the child is over 18 years, but the application becomes a lot harder in either case.

Adoption visas

Adoption visas are extremely complicated. Before a child is granted an Adopted Child visa the adopting parents are usually required to obtain permission for the adoption from the State authorities. The parents then have to navigate the convoluted visa requirements that vary depending on whether the child is being adopted from a Hague-Convention country, a country with which Australia has bi-lateral agreement or the adoption is privately organised.

Orphan relative visas

If the child no longer has parents to care for them, for example because they are dead or missing, he or she may be eligible for an Orphan Relative Visa. The applicant must be sponsored by an Australian permanent resident or citizen relative.

(Subclass 117)  (application here)

Orphan Relative visa


This visa lets a child who is single come to Australia to live with a relative if their parents are dead, are unable to care for them or can't be found.

With this visa the child can


See all conditions

The child must

  • be under 18 years of age, single and with no parent to care for them

  • have a relative who is a settled Australian citizen, Eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident 

  • be outside Australia when the application is made and when we make a decision


Check your eligibility





AUD nil to apply. But you have financial responsibilities if we grant the visa.


Processing times

Processing times are not available for this visa. 

Parents visa

Parent Visas

There are two streams of visas available to parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents:

the contributory parent stream; or

the queued parent stream.

For both visas your parents will need to show that the pass the balance of family (BOF) test. The BOF is convoluted and restrictive. It disqualifies a lot of people from the parent visa. Finding out whether your parent satisfies the BOF test is a critical first step in any parent visa application.

Contributory parent visas are usually granted within 12 months of lodging the application but (as at September 2012) the costs associated with the application are significant: $86,500 per couple in Department of Immigration fees alone. 

In contrast, the fees for the queued parent visas are about $2,000 but at the moment applicants are waiting more than 15 years to be granted one of these visas.

Our expert immigration lawyers will work with you and provide you with advice about the best way to bring a parent to Australia. It is important to consider your parent’s circumstances to decide whether there is an easier and less costly way to bring into Australia rather than using a parent visa, and we can help you do this.


Contributory parent visas are sometimes the only way to bring a parent to Australia relatively quickly.

As at September 2012, the visa application fees payable to the Department of Immigration for the permanent resident contributory parent visa are $86,500 per couple, $84,400 of which must be paid prior to the visa being granted. 

An assurance of support must also be accepted before the visa is granted.

It is possible to break up the visa application charges over two years but this strategy is risky, especially if your parents are not in the best of health.

Our expert immigration lawyers can advise you about:

whether the contributory parent visa is the only option available to your parents

the costs involved in applying for the visa

the most appropriate strategy for your parents (temporary transitioning to permanent residence, or straight to permanent residence)

your liability as a sponsor and / or the person that lodges the bond and signs the guarantee. you can get full support here Click


The Department of Immigration website statesthat if you “are applying for a Parent visa you can expect an approximate 15 year wait before visa grant consideration”.

The limited number of queued parent visas available each year means that the processing time is likely to increase in the future.

Strict health criteria apply to this visa. This coupled with the extraordinary processing times make this visa inappropriate for most people.

Before you lodge an application for a queued parent visa you should get advice from our expert immigration lawyers about whether a queued parent visa application is the best option and whether your parents qualify for any other type of visa.

We also recommend that you read our section on contributory parent visas

How Immigration Gurus, they are very important group, we use their information to help people know the good work they do same to us.

How Immigration Gurus Cairns can help

The Immigration Gurus have helped hundreds of Australian citizens or permanent residents sponsor family members to relocate to Australia. We handle to whole process and take the stress out of the complicated immigration system.


Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens can sponsor their parents to migrate to Australia under the Parent Migration Program. Within the Parent Visa category there are three different visa types:


Parents under the Australian pension age must apply for a Parent Visa outside of Australia or off-shore. meet the balance of family test, be sponsored and have an assurer to provide an assurance of support.


Parents over the Australian pension age may be eligible to apply in Australia and also outside of Australia. must be able to meet the balance of family test, be sponsored and have an assurer to provide an assurance of support.


Most parent visa categories have been capped and queued by immigration with current processing times being up to 30 years. To speed up this process you can apply under the Contributory Parent Visa category and pay $43,600 which allows parents, and aged parents, who meet the legal requirements to be granted a Parent Visa. They will still need to be sponsored and have an assurer. Applicants for the Contributory Parent Visa must Pay a financial bond of AU$10,000 for the main applicant and AU$4,000 per additional adult applicant before the visa can be granted.
A two-year temporary Contributory Parent Visa option allows applicants to pay half of the cost up front and the remaining amount within the two-year period to become a permanent resident.


Provision is made within the Family Visa division to process visas for children either in or outside of Australia.


CHILD (Permanent) (SUBCLASS 802)

For children from overseas who are the child or stepchild of an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.


For children from overseas whose parents are deceased, permanently incapacitated, or whose whereabouts are unknown, and who have an eligible sponsor.


For children whose parent holds a temporary partner visa and is in the process of obtaining a permanent partner visa.


CHILD (Permanent) (SUBCLASS 101)

For children from overseas who are the child or stepchild of an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.


For children from overseas whose parents are deceased, permanently incapacitated, or whose whereabouts are unknown and who have an eligible sponsor.

ADOPTION (Permanent) (SUBCLASS 102)

For children from overseas who have been or about to be adopted by an Australian citizen or the holder of an Australian permanent visa or an eligible New Zealand citizen.


For children whose parent holds a temporary partner visa and is in the process of obtaining a permanent partner visa.


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