Now more than ever your voice is needed to support, welcome, and protect refugees.

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Advocacy helps to transform policies and services that affect refugees and asylum seekers. Join RCUSA in support of our advocacy efforts!

It is more important than ever to meet with your local, state, and national policy makers to educate them about the vital role that refugees and all newcomers play in your communities. Because change takes time, meetings with policy makers should be viewed as part of a continuing process of gathering and sharing information, building relationships, and developing and carrying out advocacy strategies.

Our Advocacy Team

Jessica Lake

Engage Local Policy Makers

Our City, municipal, and other local organisation and commissions need to hear that their communities stand ready to help refugees integrate and thrive. Urge your local leaders to adopt welcoming resolutions that extend hospitality to refugees and all newcomers.

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Our Advocacy Team

Rick Landry

Engage National and State Elected Leaders

At the national and state levels, individuals who oppose refugee resettlement are making their voices heard loudly and frequently to policy makers.

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Our impact

Country Facts

  • The world is less peaceful today than at any time in the last decade. - 2018 Global Refugees Index

UFVRA Response

  • UFVRA was granted Special Consultative Status with the UNHCR/UN Agency 

Support Refugee Protection Bill 2019

Refugee Protection Bill 2019 No.      , 2019

A Bill for an Act to provide a legislative response to all people seeking asylum in Australia, and for related purposes.

This legislation is also a reflection of our nation's moral values and demonstrates our respect for the rule of law and international legal obligations to protect vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers.

Our Impact

Since UFVRA was granted Special Consultative Status with the  UNHCR/UN Agency  in 2008


First peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Our Values

Value People   |   Innovation   |   Sustainability   |   Equity   |   We are Stewards   |   We Are Partners    |   We are Responsive   |   We are Committed to the Poor   |   Accountability

Together we can be the change in the lives of many!

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