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Accountable to you

Accounting Documents

At all times we strive to be accountable to the supporters, partners and funding bodies around the world that help make our work possible. UFVRA - Australia is committed to working effectively and transparently. Through our yearly reports and publications, as well as through our policies, we aim to demonstrate that we are worthy of the trust you place in us.

Annual report

Learn about the difference UFVRA’s project partners are making in the world by reading through our Annual Report.

Where your money goes

Your gifts support vulnerable communities threatened by conflict and natural disaster in over 11 countries across the global.

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Our policies

Act for Peace is committed to providing high-quality humanitarian, development and advocacy programmes and to work in an open and accountable way. Find out about our policies here.

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Our governing body

The  UFVRA board is responsible for directing activities toward achieving our vision of a peaceful world where all people share a safe, just and dignified life.

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Our strategy

UFVRA’s 2017–2021 Strategic Plan sets out directions to achieve our goal to increase our impact in achieving safety, justice and dignity in communities threatened by conflict and disaster.

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Feedback and complaints

Receiving feedback and responding to complaints is an important part of the way UFVRA strives to stay accountable to our supporters and partners.

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Project Evaluations

We are continually learning from what we do; regularly monitoring and evaluating all of our programs to measure progress, track efficacy, be transparent, and demonstrate results.

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Give a gift

Your gift to UFVRA Australia can help provide emergency food rations to Syrian families in Jordan, give girls in Africa access to quality education, and provide farmers in Zimbabwe with the tools and training they need to grow enough food to feed their families.

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