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Complex Puzzle

24 Hour Complex Support

Overnight or around the clock support is available for people with complex or multiple support needs. Our skilled and experienced staff are able to provide a wide range of supports during the day or night including but not limited to:

Implementation of behaviour support strategies medication administration

PEG feeding, epilepsy management, diabetes management hoist/transfer support personal care assistance to engage in activities and appointments outside the home.

We also provide two types of overnight staff support: active night support or sleepover support.

Active night assists those who need intermittent or continuous staff assistance throughout the night.

 Sleepover support means that someone is available if a need arises during the night. Our staff will sleep in a separate room but can be woken up to provide assistance (limitations apply to the number of times staff are needed before the shift becomes an active night shift).

Sleepover support provides a few hours of support before bed and again in the morning and gives you the additional comfort of knowing there is someone there if you need them.

Active overnight support offers ongoing, active assistance with the reassurance that a support worker will remain awake and available throughout the night.

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