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Millions of families go hungry every year. Help us provide them with enough to eat. 


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About Us

For 21 years, United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action. UFVRA is a not-for-profit organization that has been established to assists vulnerable immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees in Australia. Put plainly, we support the culturally diverse, resettle refugees, reunite children and parents, and rekindle their dream.

UFVRA - Australia was formed in 2000, focused on welcoming advocacy and  address recognized community needs with the aim of enhancing community cohesion, developing a framework for community development through the recognition of the value of diversity.

The organization provides support, welcome information sessions, re-orientation programs, education and training, education referrals, referrals, resources development and provision, events planning, and promotion that strengthen welcome and inclusion.

Organization Heart

We are very sure that every human being is gifted with a kind and charitable heart. We are keeping all efforts in welcoming such humans together to execute the alarming tasks efficiently and in time. We work as a team with the fullest involvement of individual to reach the common goal of helping the needy people. In one way, We directly deal with needy people and take necessary action or connect them to respective helpers,/.,NGO’s donors at times to fulfill the tasks.

It seeks the participation of local and new residents who are willing to collaborate, integrate, and enrich their lives by coming closer to other cultures and to the their community.


UFVRA – Australia also provides a number of services to individuals, businesses and other community organizations such as cultural awareness packages and integration activities.

Yemen faces a triple threat from conflict, hunger and a collapsing international response


Yemen faces a triple threat from conflict, hunger and a collapsing international response

  • After six years of conflict, five out of six Yemenis (over 24 million people) need humanitarian assistance and over 20 million people are severely food insecure

  • Yemen’s economy has disintegrated and only half of the country’s health facilities remain operational.  With a population weakened by poverty and malnutrition, one in six people who catch coronavirus are dying.

  • UFVRA - Australia assists vulnerable displaced and refugee families in Yemen but essential programmes are just 14% funded.

  • Without an urgent surge of support, millions will be left without assistance and even more vulnerable to the terrifying threat of COVID-19 with no hope yet.

By donating today, you can help families in Yemen access: 

  • Cash assistance to help displaced families pay for food and rent

  • Relief items such as shelter kits, mattresses and blankets

  • Community outreach and early detection services to reduce the spread of COVID-19

       Soap, hand sanitizer and hand washing stations

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UFVRA - Australia needs your support to respond to emergencies, provide essential medicine and strengthen refugees camp health systems.

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Welcoming Intercultural Neighbors


We respects and values Australia’s First Nation peoples’ enormous resilience, courage, determination and often unrecognized contributions to this country’s social and economic development. We walk together in solidarity in the shared pain of the past and with shared hope for the future.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of all the lands on which we meet, work and live and recognise that this land has always been and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land.



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Advocacy Office

UFVRA - Kenya Office
PO Box 17461

Rhoda Musyimi 

Donations can be mailed to:

United Federation of Volunteers For Refugees Action
76 Beau-desert, Road
Moorooka, Brisbane Queensland

UFVRA - Headquarter 

700 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland 2129
phone: (07) 210-305-18
fax: 410-230-2891

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United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action (UFVRA) Inc., is signatory to ACFID Code of Conduct (the Code).The aim of the Code is to improve the outcomes of international development and increase stakeholder trust by enhancing the transparency and accountability

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