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Join UFVRA’s community of individuals, corporations and foundations to support our urgent efforts. UFVRA relies on private funding to respond to crises quickly and effectively. Contributions enable refugees to build secure new lives with dignity and hope.

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UFVRA is a 501(c)(3) organization and as such, all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law 2018.

Image result for SMILE PHOTOS SOUTH SUDANChild Sponsorship                      

Child Sponsorship is the most effective and rewarding way to help give children better futures. You can change lives for just $30 per month.


Crisis and Desperation in South Sudan: | Children's

I know that if you knew what an incredible difference and impact your gift made into Children like Moris Ale and orphan, who is raising his school fees by walking 9 miles a day to collect firewood and sales in order to get money for his schools fees, but according to him, what he get ends up for him buying food to eat at the end of the day. He is tired and "Dont Know If God Cares For Orphans like Him"  Moris said he wish he could be like a birth, he never ask any one to help him,. Moris is tired and at the moment his home is church compound at night where he spend his nigh at yei, Catholic church.


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Frequently asked questions

The Seven Pillars of Fundraising

To survive and thrive in a changing world, United Federation of volunteers for refugees action  plans rests on these seven pillars of fundraising:

  1. Grant
  2. Donation
  3. Crowd-funding
  4. Special Event
  5. Sale
  6. Community-Business Partnerships (Sponsorship)


Raise funds for causes dear to your heart with united federation of volunteers for refugees action, a new solution from GiveNow, or through www.ufvra.org.au 

Grants are a very important source of funds for most not-for-profits. Billions of dollars is                                                 provided each year by local, state and federal governments, which are seek annually 




United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action’s a community of individuals, corporations and foundations to support our urgent efforts. United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action’s relies on private funding to respond to crises quickly and effectively. Contributions enable refugees to build secure new lives with dignity and hope


United Federation of volunteers for refugees action;s crowdfunding platform for personal causes – Crowdfund to help the those In-Need in our community cause and ease the financial burden . 

United Federation Of Volunteers For Refugees Action Membership of a charity can bring real
benefits both to the work of the charity and
for society more generally. When a charity's
members are active in shaping the agenda
and objectives of their charity, the trustee
body is refreshed and its accountability to
its members is improved. Membership
charities which are effectively run can also
enable individuals to be more involved in
their local communities and can contribute
to fulfilling the Government's agenda to
increase individual participation in civil

An effectively run membership charity is
only possible when members use their
voting rights in the best interests of the
charity and where the trustee body and
governance structure allow for proper
management of the membership. This
includes recognising that the charity's
membership structure may need to change
as the charity develops and grows.

UFVRA do, strike its own balance
between membership involvement and the
trustees' general responsibility for running
the charity. This report sets out the
characteristics of an effective membership
charity. It assesses the extent to which the
problems associated with membership
charities can be resolved or avoided by
better governance and by the actions of the
membership, and clarifies where the
Charity Commission will become involved.



Special fundraising events are the lifeblood  include:


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