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I am not sure if the entire world are aware that I have been the founder and Chair of the fundraising Repair Me Project for a few years now and am incredibly proud and passionate about the change our charity is making too many lives. The expansion of the Repair me Program, which now has global recognition, is a program that is actually working to end child neglect by homeless parent and educate communities for the consequences that will affect children in their life time.

I would like to share this fundraising Project with my mothers, fathers,  communities,  friends and family in the event that should you wish to donate to a charity this January, know that by giving to Project Repair me  you will truly be making a difference to many  neglect children’s lives like what you have seen on the photo about.


We are currently setting up new child friend space as protection canter for Neglected children, unaccompanied minor, abused kids and rejected kids by Refugees Muslim communities whom were born out of wedlock. Our child friendly space home provide protection, training canter, donation canter, non-food item distribution centre as well as free home  for this targeted group and need urgent funds to continue our ongoing  incredible teams works.


From as little as $5 you will really make a difference to help educate children to a have voice to speak up against these crimes and to make real change to ending child neglect and abuse, but rather protecting them, training them  through our program. Most difficult one non-food items are real big issue.


Your $5 can help two kids with pair of dress and shoe.

I want to sincerely give thanks every one of us who will read this message, support this project or share. Your generosity gives a smile to children.


Your our generosity gives children a smile


All donations are Tax deductible in Australia