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Charity Ground Breaker

United Federation Of Volunteers for Refugee Action is a nationwide and international charity to protect refugees who have been forced to flee their homelands because of who they stand, including Religious, Ethnic, and sexual minorities. For more than 19 years, UFVRA has been assisting refugees rebuild their lives, fighting against poverty and social injustice. Through provision of immediate assistance and setting up of self-sustaining development programs, our goal to advance in real, operational results. By creating stable and dedicated grass root relationships with indigenous, nationwide and global partners, our organization are able to reach some of the most tough to reach dwellings at the most helpless of times. We support, inclusion, safety, and dignity, harmonious and united communities.



United Federation of Volunteers for Refugee Action is a nationwide and leading international humanitarian development organization. That a world in which values human life and dignity, every person attains the right to survival, embracing justice and Equality in a global community where no more suffering and poverty.

Orphan Support Programme

sexual Domestic violence awareness 

Resettling Refugees 

Protecting  children


Children In Isolated Villages

we help Homeless  people 

       Prison Inmate Support Programme


EducationAn Accompany MinorsEmergency Response


we are multicultural organization, that brings all  people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and assist in building safe, caring and connected communities in different ways.


United Federation of Volunteers for Refugee Action is small, not-for-profit organisation and relies on public financial support to continue its vital work in assisting disadvantaged families, Homeless, Orphans, education and advocacy. Donations to the UFVRA are tax-deductible.


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